Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Friends Say I Should Act My Age... What's My Age Again?

I went to pick my son up from school today. As I approached the building on foot I had to pass by a big group of middle school kids who were lying on the grass.

Middle School Boy: "Hey! Do you have any money?"

Me: "Yup. I've got a whole bunch."

Middle School Boy: "Give me some."

Me: "I don't carry cash with me."

Middle School Girl: "Don't ask him for money. Leave him alone." And then she turned to the rest of the group, "Does he go to our middle school?"

Another Middle School Girl, seeming to understand her words only as they came out of her mouth: "That... is a GROWN UP!"

Gasps of shock and amazement. Then silence.

I could totally get a date for prom. And a few years as a convicted pedophile.


Dr.Psycho said...

Your lucky to be fat old guys don't get mistaken like that anymore...

Erika said...

sara should take you to prom next year =D
miss you guys... skools killin me, but i choose to procrastinate by reading the blog... entertaining and keeps me in check...
much luv