Wednesday, October 14, 2009

History of Cartoon Nudes

This was a disturbing minute of Conan last night:

What's another word for pirate treasure?

I have some old blue plaid pajama bottoms that were starting to wear out so I cut the bottoms off of the legs to give them a new lease on life. Every time I wear them, my wife calls them my "pirate pants" and laughs about them.

In other news, we were unpacking the Halloween decorations out of a box when we came across some black tattered costume pants that I bought off a bargain table last Halloween. I put the pants on and wore them most of the day, just to be funny.

Finally, my wife got tired of it and said, "Can you please stop wearing those?"

I said, "I thought you liked it when I wear pirate pants."

She said, "Your other ones are cute but not those."

A few days later I was wearing my cutoff pajama bottoms. I said, "Hey, honey. I'll probably be wearing these to bed for the rest of the week."

She said, "Why do you think you need to tell me that?"

I said, "It was a warning. It's the equivalent of me coming to bed in lingerie every night. I thought you should know."

Boys are awesome.