Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Finally a Chance to Breathe, Reaching for the Fallen Sheets

Me: "So when is your baby due?"

Str8 Edge Kid: "Anytime, but the due date isn't until the second week of June."

Me: "You didn't schedule a day? It seems like all the doctors like to schedule a day to induce people."

Str8 Edge Kid: "My wife doesn't want to be induced. She wants to do everything natural."

Me: "You could have the doctor strip her membrane. That doesn't involve any drugs."

Str8 Edge Kid: "Whatever that is, it sounds disgusting."

Me: "Everything about having kids is disgusting."

Str8 Edge Kid: "Yeah, everything except conceiving them."

Me: "Nope. That's disgusting too. Especially in your case."

Str8 Edge Kid: "..."

Me: "Did I just scar you for life?"

Str8 Edge Kid: "I think so. My wife is going to wonder why I never want to take my shirt off or do it with the lights on anymore."

1 comment:

Native Minnow said...

Tell Str8 Edge Kid that if his wife needs her boobs massaged to get the milk to come in that you know a guy . . .