Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How to Unnerve a Young Mother and Probably Get a Little Girl Grounded

We were at one of my daughter's T-ball games last week. At the end of the game the teams did their final cheer for eachother and got some snacks.

I took the opportunity to talk to one of the T-ball moms.

Me: "Hey, is that little blond girl on the playground, who looks just like you, your daughter?"

Mom: "Probably."

Me: "She cracks me up! She calls me Indian. Like, Hey Indian! and Hi Indian!"

Mom: "...I'm...sorry..."

She looked at me like maybe I was making the whole thing up. But I wasn't.

Me: "No. Don't be sorry. I like her."

Mom: "Why does she... How did she...?"

Reading her mind, I answered: "She asked me if I was from China."

Mom: "China, huh?"

And I decided not to spring the complete conversation between the eight year old and myself on the mom, which was actually more like this:

Girl: "Are you from China?"

Me: "No."

Girl: "Are you a mom or a dad?"

Me: "What do YOU think?"

Girl: "A dad."

Me: "Why did you ask?"

Girl: "You have long hair. I never see dads with long hair."

Me: "Lots of Indians like to have long hair. I have short hair for an Indian."

Girl: "You're an Indian!" But then she quickly became suspicious of me "...Where is your bow and arrow?"

Me: "Are you kidding? The police shoot people like me if we walk around carrying weapons."

But the little girl and I get along famously and seem to have an understanding of eachother. I don't think mom would understand. So I didn't tell mom about that.

Then my wife says to me: "Tell her that funny thing that her daughter said..."

Me: "Your daughter came up to me with her hand in the air and said How.... z'it goin'? It was funny. She cracks me up. Welp, see ya later."

And the mom was just kind of standing there the whole time with her mouth frozen in place because she didn't know what to say. As we walked away, I leaned into my wife and said, "I probably just totally got that little girl in trouble. Oops."

I guess I meant to say, "I dig your daughter's edgy comedy stylings."

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Dr.Psycho said...

She sounds cute...