Monday, February 04, 2008

Nerd Week Continues...

My wife: "WHAT!!!! are you WATCHING?!?!?!"

Me: "It's a documentary called The King of Kong. It's about two guys competing to be the ultimate World Champion of Donkey Kong."

My wife: "Ahhhhhhhhh! Nerd! This is the nerdiest thing I've ever seen. I can't watch this. I have to go."

Me: "No. It's not that bad. It's funny. You would probably like it. This guy cries a lot."

My wife: "Why does he cry?"

Me: "Billy Mitchell was this uber-nerd video game phenom from the 80's who had the Donkey Kong record forever. Then one day this Steve Weibe guy got laid off from his job at Boeing and just started playing Donkey Kong. He video taped himself breaking the record. On the official tape that he sent in proving his record his son comes in the room yelling at his daddy to wipe his butt. It's hilarious. So then all of these guys tell him that if he really wants respect as a champion that he has to fly across the country to this place called Funspot and break the record on THEIR machine. So he does.

He gets the record for about a day but then that Billy Mitchell guy sends them a video tape where he scores over 1,000,000 points and then they take the record right back from Steve Weibe. He cries because all of the officials are friends with Billy Mitchell. They told Steve his video tape wasn't enough evidence to prove he was the champ and two seconds later, they give Billy the record again because of the new video he sent in."

My wife: "That's still lame. You guys need to learn that video games aren't worth crying over!"

Me: "WHO needs to learn that?"

My wife: "Our son. And my sister says her husband gets REALLY mad when he plays video games. And your friends are always telling that story about how you spiked your Nintendo once (I also threw a piece of pizza at Native Minnow) because you got mad."

Me: "I got mad. But I didn't cry. That happened 15 YEARS AGO. You're going to hold that agianst me?" Because if she did then I shouldn't let it go how she got mad at her brother and pushed him down the stairs once or how one of her brothers wouldn't show her his driver's license picture so she smashed a greasy onion ring in his math workbook which he had to turn in with the pages all see-thru from grease.

Anyway, that movie is cool and has a lot of human interest to it. Steve has a pretty desperate struggle to prove his talent to the big-nerd-conglomerate but succeeds in the end. Billy Mitchell was an awesome video gamer in his day but is also a coward.

Here is Billy Mitchell's response to the film as brought to you by the good people at MTV.


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Thanks for showing the movie to us...I actually enjoyed it...they are ultra nerdy, but it was still really cool... :)