Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Soccer, Drillbits and Dogwalking

When Geppetto came to visit a couple of weeks ago, a girl approached the front door while I was tearing things up on Guitar Hero. It was a neighborhood girl who walks dogs to earn money.

We know we don't spend as much time with our dog as we should so we graciously accepted her dogwalking services. My wife immediately went to get the dog. But our dog is big. A big black lab. My wife is not so big and the girl with the dog walking service is even smaller. She's probably only 10 years old.

My wife tried to hand her the dog's leash but the dog was dragging her across the yard. It almost looked like waterskiing. For half a second, it appeared that my wife had the dog reined in and she passed the dog to the little business lady. The little lady already had a tiny miniature doberman and our dog started dragging them both around like the tazmanian devil. Complete with fart sounds.

The girl proceeded to let the whirlwind ravage it's way toward the corner of the block. I yelled after her, "You can bring her back whenever you want!"

Then I said to my wife, "I think that girl has bitten off more than she can chew. There's an older girl in our neighborhood who walks dogs. We should probably hire her instead. Tell that girl she's too little when she comes back. We need a big dog walker. Or tell her she can keep walking the dog if she gains 30 pounds.

When the girl came back, she admitted she only walked the dog for one hour and let the dogs play in her backyard for the other hour they were gone. We kept her. She walks the dog every week. And seconds before I started writing this, she came to the door to ask if she could walk the dog. FOR FREE. Just cause she wants to. "Knock yourself out," I said.

Today I started my daytime job. I'm a two job kind-of-guy again. The worst part is the alarm clock. But at least I get to work somewhere cool, if not frigid. These things aren't going to build themselves:

I showed up for work and while the boss explained to me where I would go and what I would do, he threw about ten drill bits in my direction. None of the instructions seemed to involve drill bits. Later, I asked one of the guys I was working with, "So why did he give me all these drill bits."

The guy said, "He gave me a bunch of drill bits when I started here in October. I felt like I had a lot of them, so everytime someone needed a drill bit, I would just give them one. Now I don't have any drill bits and the boss won't give me anymore. He gives you drill bits the first day and then you don't get anymore."

I said, "I would give you some of mine, but it sounds like I need them. Sorry."

So I have plenty of drill bits but no time to blog anymore. Sorry if we hit another blog famine in the near future.

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