Monday, February 04, 2008

Do You Like Football? Do You Like Nachos?

I know everyone is wondering what I thought about the Superbowl yesterday so here it is.

I like the Patriots but I feel like they have won enough. The Giants were enough of an underdog that I was hoping they would pull it off. I feel slightly bad that the patriots don't get those records for winning and a perfect season but I was very excited at the close game and that the underdogs came out on top.

Speaking of Underdog... did you see that commercial where he fights the Family Guy baby for the bottle of Coke and then Charlie Brown get's it? My kids loved that one.

Anyway, the best play of the game was when Eli Manning ran out of that certain-sack and lobbed it to that dude who caught it against his helmet as he did a backbend over that other player. Very cool.

After the game I came home and hooked up the old NES and played two games of Super Tecmo Bowl. Christian Okoye already has 500 rushing yards and Derrick Thomas has 4 safeties and 18 sacks:

Best. Football. Game. Ever.


Native Minnow said...

At first I thought you'd recorded yourself playing Super Tecmo Bowl, but you never would have wasted so much time bouncing defenders off. After all, that's no way to run up the score on someone.

At least you went outside and did push-ups in the snow so that you could "cool off" after you threw pizza at me.

Anonymous said...

It was pretty somber here in NH Monday, but no one reacted like Duane after a bad game of Tecmo.