Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Know Your Mofo: Cody

I trained Cody on his first day of work. He's a rough looking guy in his early twenties with red hair and a receding hairline. The first night I worked with him he told me a lot about his past.

He said he used to have a good job painting cars. He said he started painting cars when he was 15 or 16 years old and when he was in high school he was making more money than his parents. This might have been what attracted one of his teachers to him.

Cody said that he'd been sleeping with one of his teachers for nearly three years of his high school career. He practically lived with her and he practically bought her a car because when they got together he started making all of her car payments for her.

About the time high school ended, Cody had been going to the doctor because his lungs were bothering him. His lungs and been burned up by painting chemicals to the point where Cody couldn't paint cars anymore. Not even with a respirator. Worse, when Cody turned 18 and was finishing high school, the teacher he had been seeing told him the thrill was gone and she broke things off with him.

Now Cody is just another mofo. When I went and jammed with Chad last winter, Cody was there with his new girlfriend. They recorded our first jam song on Cody's cell phone. I asked him if he could send me the video but he never did.

Cody's girlfriend also had red hair and looked like a well-put-together professional. She probably just worked in a call center or something. People started telling me that she was very strict with Cody and one day Cody came to work with claw marks scratched across his cheek. He said his girlfriend had done it. His girlfriend totally got it on with Boomhauer while they were together as well.

Cody quit the furniture store to take a different job but I heard he didn't like the new job either. Nothing left to do now but swear.

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