Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Eggy wegs? I want to smash'em up!

Our older son has been asking to watch old Godzilla movies for years. They are kind of boring so I thought the best solution would be to find some episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 where they watch and mock the old horror flicks.

In addition to these DVDs being expensive and hard-to-find, my wife also HATES the show MST3K. Adding that to the fact that she also HATES Robotech has led me to believe that MY WIFE HAS A DEEPLY ENGRAINED HATRED TOWARDS ROBOTS.

I try to tell myself, "No, she likes the classics like Star Wars and stuff. She couldn't hate robots." But it doesn't take a Jedi to figure out that a young Han Solo can draw in the ladies with a force greater than the repulsion of a gay C3PO or wise-chirping R2D2.

Being sweet and innocent, she also HATES the movie A Clockwork Orange, which actually focuses on man's inability to function as a machine even after severe brainwashing, but doesn't the title make it sound like it's about robots?

I suppose there never has been a "lovable" robot. Data from Star Trek? What a dork! And those Robosapien toys haven't seemed to dance their way into the hearts of man.

She tells me that it isn't true. She tells me she is not a robot hater. But just mentioning the name of that show enrages her. Am I the out-of-touch one for thinking this stuff is funny?


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen one of those in a long time....PI

Alpha said...

Maybe she's not a robot "hater" perse
(I hate blog commenting, because all of my spelling sense goes away when I'm trying to comment and I look like I'm 5)
But more of an intense dislike for robots...or maybe it's because she's a girl.....
I dislike those kind of shows, too

your mother said...

I'm sure that Eleanor likes Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons. It's your taste in robots she doesn't like.