Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's Hard to Say No

My son frequently asks for things that I would love to give him but would need to come up with a creative answer if I'm not going to say "no."

He wants the following things:

  • "His wings to grow in" - This spawned the name of my blog. He has big plans for when he can fly. He says he will not fly up to the sun because he does not want his wings to melt. Instead he will fly to the moon where it is nice and cool. I thought maybe he would settle for soaring down a zipline in the backyard.

  • "To hold a cloud" - I thought maybe I could fill his hands with water and dry ice.

  • "A tree, to shoot arrows at and build a treehouse in" - This will have to wait until our next house. We don't have any good trees for a treehouse. He wants one with a window AND a door. I drew a picture of a treehouse for him and he used his little fingers like legs to climb the ladder and then just stared at it for a long time.

  • "Curtains" - There is something strange about having a five year old approach you to make a heartfelt request for curtains in his bedroom. He said he didn't want monsters looking in the windows at night. I bought him some curtains that weekend.

    It takes some imagination if you don't want to tell your kids NO or THAT CAN"T BE DONE.
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    Gordon said...

    A pretty good solution to that cloud thing might be this.