Friday, January 13, 2006

Brokeback Mounting

Whoa, look at that last entry. I do the world a favor by not drinking and maybe I won't write past 2am anymore.

I thought we could discuss the movie "Brokeback Mountain" today. Here in Utah, Larry H. Miller owns the Utah Jazz, a ton of car dealerships, a lot of movie theaters and about half the valley. He is getting national attention for his refusal to show the movie "Brokeback Mountain" in his theaters. He said he would show it at first but then pulled out at the last minute.

I doubt that pulling the movie was an act of bigotry. It is more likely pandering to the state audience. It seems a lot of people here think the very word "gay" is a direct attack on their moral fiber. Larry Miller refuses to comment on why he won't show the movie.

Larry does produce a lot of subpar "Mormon" movies. They are annoying. The story of Mormon history could probably make one or two interesting movies but instead we have an onslaught of lame idea after lame idea being thrown in our faces every time we view a movie at Larry's theaters.

If Larry pulled "Brokeback Mountain" because he does not want to "endorse" the actions in the movies, does that mean he does endorse the actions in movies like "Sin City" or "The Wedding Crashers"? I saw the movie "A Knight's Tale" in Larry's theater and I am convinced that it is one of the gayest movies of all time.

The message of all those Mormon movies seems to be that "mormons are normal people just like everyone else", you know, "normal people" who CHOOSE FOR YOU what movies you can watch, on what days you can purchase alcohol, or how to zone poor districts of the city to keep those lousy democrat votes from affecting elections.

Utah, of all places, is probably the best place to find a cowboy (or wannabe cowboy) with an untapped sensitive side. Maybe that is why it's all so terrifying. Because in Utah we tolerate a lot of things: If you want to marry your twelve year old niece and put her in a remote desert cave with your other three wives and thirty kids, knock yourself out. But Utahns will not participate in your visual orgy of loving gay gayness. We're trying to be normal here!


Native Minnow said...

I don't remember if I told you this or not, but I'm trying to get people to replace the word 'gay' with the word 'brokeback.' So, instead of saying that the movie 'A knights tale' was the gayest movie of all time, you should say it was the most brokeback movie of all time. Spread the word, even if it isn't politically correct.

Gordon said...

It sure looks like he's a bigot. He refuses to say why he did it. Pandering to a bunch of bigots I'm pretty sure is in itself likely an act of bigotry, or at least extreme cowardice.

Native Minnow said...

Apparently he did it because he didn't know what the movie was about until someone asked him about it in an interview during the week. I'm not sure how that happens if you own a theater, but you can read the details at

I highly recommend it!