Saturday, November 19, 2005

Lookalikes II

That last entry was long, so I spared you my spiel on how we ended the 20th century saturated in Jane Austin films and the question of whether or not a new "Pride and Prejudice was necessary.

I also thought I would take a personal spin on the topic. My wife has been going nuts about how we hung out with a movie star a few weeks ago and she wants me to tell everyone. She thinks people will find it very interesting. I have my doubts but I can work it into this story. We'll see what you think.

Throughout my life I have been plagued by people who like to play "which celebrity do you resemble?" People always tell me I look like Lou Diamond Phillips. I attribute this to the lack of famous native americans, aside from "extras" in "The Last of the Mohicans" or "Dances with Wolves." But it seems to come up over and over. My cousin Dena. Our children's pediatrician. My sister-in-law, who brought it up during our visit with Joan Allen (you may know her as that CIA director in The Bourne Supremacy or as the "mom" in Pleasantville). It was most disturbing because Joan Allen did agree; me and Lou Diamond Phillips, two peas in a pod. If you would like to make your own decision then scroll down or check my blog "archives" for "I Walk the Thinnest Line."

Joan Allen is playing a mormon in an upcoming movie. It sounds kind of like "Thelma and Louise" only with prudes instead of Gena Davis, Susan Sarandon and Brad Pitt. So she was hanging out with my in-laws to see how mormons live. Either she is skilled at the art of acting or she genuinely is well-mannered, attentive and polite. I guess she deserves accolades either way. We jokingly asked her to sign our Bourne Supremacy DVD case right over Matt Damon's face, which she did. And it did strike me as odd that she acted deeply interested in my story before I could even set it up when I described a film I participated in about vampires in the old west. The movie was going to blow the lid off the entire genre but never came to fruition due to differences between the writer and director. I didn't have any lines aside from the moaning during my two death scenes.

I would post a picture of us with Joan Allen but that would just be an admission that I thought we were cool or something.


Gordon said...

POST THE PIC! I for one will find it highly amusing.

Gordon said...

Of course you look like Lou Diamond Phillips. The straight black hair, the brown skin, the resemblance is uncanny.

You gotta take your wife out more. Hanging out with Joan Allen is about as cool as my uncle being the second "John Boy" on the Waltons.

Native Minnow said...

I have also had a recent brush with celebrity, and it turns out that they're really no more interesting than anyone else. That isn't to say that the guy I've hung out with a couple of times isn't cool, just not any more cool than any of my other friends. The only difference is he's had (and spent) a lot more money than I could ever dream of, and seen a lot more of the world. Oh yeah, and they have groupies.

The guys I know are musicians, and the last time we hung out I started singing along to a song on the radio. They joked about how they had just found a new front man if they wanted to set up another group. Unfortunately, one of them just moved to Thailand for the next six months, and the other to Hawaii. I guess I'll never know the adrenaline rush of thousands of women screaming for me while I'm up on stage (sigh).

Native Minnow said...

Once again I have spouted off too soon. I think it would have been infinitely more funny if I had posted a comment where I acted SHOCKED that I wasn't actually reading the blog of Lou Diamond Phillips.