Friday, July 31, 2009

You Do Your Best To Avoid Assimilation. Well, I Guess That's The Best You Can Do.

That last post kind of followed the line of talk my wife gave me a little while ago. She asked me if I was becoming a hillbilly. I work with some country boys and spend the majority of my day with them.

Lately, I have been saying "Muh" instead of "My" and "Tuh" instead of "To" and "Morenun" instead of "Morning" and "Tuh-day" instead of "Today."

I think that in my mind I realize I'm saying these words with strange inflections and subconciously I think I'm being funny like when Lisa Simpson imagines a future where she gives up and marries Ralph Wiggum and becomes a fat immobile slug in a hammock inside her trailer and yells at her kids, "Don't bug mom-muh when I'm watchin' muh stories." By which she means the television.

But lately I've barely realized that I've been talking that way and I talk that way far too much for it to be a joke anymore. I also expect to work with the country boys for several years to come.

What can I do?

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Ryan said...

Uh wush uh cud halp yuh