Thursday, April 09, 2009

Killing Is My Business And Business Is Good

The 20-year-old (whom I call the 18-year-old) that I hang out with from the furniture store recently got a small promotion.

The other night I asked him, "So how do you like your new position?"

He said, "It's so boring. I don't do anything. Last night I watched Clerks I, Clerks II and The Matrix: Revolutions on my iPod. Then I read two issues of the City Weekly paper and then I TRIED to do some work on the computer but the other boss had already finished it. And then I went home and I was bored to death because I got kicked off of World of Warcraft!"

I said, "I heard. What exactly did you do to get kicked out of World of Warcraft?"

He said, "I bought a bunch of virtual gold from some chinese dude and then I went in the game and bought ALL of the adamantite and sarmite ore in the entire World of Warcraft. When I had all of the ore I put it all back up for sale at super-high retarded prices and stupid people kept buying it from me anyway. But the next time I tried to log into my account I got a message that I was banned for ECONOMIC EXPLOITATION."

I said, "It's funny that you run around murdering and stealing and riding zebras and stuff in this fantasy world and that's all wonderful but then the moment you try to use common business tactics like Walmart and Microsoft they completely ban you from playing anymore. Like sorry, you only get to do crazy stuff like that in THE REAL WORLD, this here world is just for killing stuff."

What does that say about the real world? We are surprised the global economy is broken?

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Native Minnow said...

Tell him it's ok. World of Warcraft is for nerds anyway.