Monday, February 16, 2009

Besides, You Ain't Got Nothin' Better To Do And I'm Bored

This family is all about hair-brained schemes. We come up with crazy ideas and pursue them. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. We have a big hair-brained scheme in mind but we can't act on it unless we can come up with a fat wad of money and the economy suffers a mild recovery.

So I told my wife, "We should get super serious about saving a bunch of money. We should buckle down for as long as we can stand it. If we can't stand it, then we can binge with whatever money we actually saved."

My wife agreed so we started brain-storming ideas on where we could save money. It turns out that all I do is work. The only place I can possibly save money is to not eat out so much, but that is hard to do when you work anywhere from 8 to 22 hours in a day. My wife said lamely, "I guess I could stop using paper plates, but that means we'll have more dirty dishes that I won't have time to wash." We buy everything on sale. We get DVDs from the library. We go out to see a movie about every six months.

It's funny that we sat down to think of ways to save money but only came to the conclusion that we need to spend money and have some fun for once.

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PsychDoctor said...

You have to figure out a way to make money without selling your time...You can never make huge amounts of money by selling your time, but if you can get a product someone wants and can move it, then you can make good money...