Saturday, November 15, 2008

It's Just A Sound Going Through Your Head

I was eating some Frosted Flakes watching TV with my family and a commercial came on for Hannah Montana. They said, "Come watch Hannah Montana from the very beginning!" and then Hannah Montana came strutting out on stage singing, "I'm just like you!"

From which point I ad libbed the rest of the lyrics for my wife:

"My dad is a crappy one-hit-wonder country singer
and we're desperate to stay famous
so he took me to Disney to exploit me
and now I'm Hannah Montana
but I think I could make more money
selling records on my own
but I can't get out of my contract
because Disney owns me


My wife spent Halloween at the school with our kids. At the end of the day, I asked her if there were any kids with cool costumes. She said, "Not really. There were a ton of girls dressed as Hannah Montana."

I asked, "How could you tell they were dressed as Hannah Montana?"

She said, "They were all wearing blond wigs and they were wearing microphone headsets."

I said, "Maybe they were dressed up as blond telemarketers."

She said, "A lot of them had shirts that said Hannah Montana on them."

But I still don't think that offers any further differentiation from telemarketers.

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