Sunday, August 24, 2008

This is a tiny town and we don't want you comin' round

Mofo: "I have to drive across Nevada tomorrow night by myself. I'm scared I'll be abducted by aliens or something."

Me: "I've driven across Nevada plenty of times and I prefer to do it at night so I don't have to look at the place."

Mofo: "What the hell are those lights up there?"

Me: "I beleive that's Kennecott. Either that oooooor it's an alien spacecraft, cleverly disguised as one of the world's largest open pit mines, lying in wait for you to head out across the Nevada desert."

Mofo: "Shut up. I really am scared about that."

Me: "I don't think you'll be abducted by aliens. A guy like you should worry more about being dragged behind a truck and duct-taped naked to a fence post. That's the end I see coming for you."

Mofo: "Thanks. That makes me feel better."


Native Minnow said...

Don't you know that people only get tied to fence posts in Wyoming (and handcuffed to them in Mississippi), and dragged behind trucks in Texas and Colorado?

Anonymous said...

So... did the dude get probed by aliens or what?


PsychDoctor said...