Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kickin' It Live

Summer is liberating simply because it's warm and you can get outside and do things. I have a habit of trying to quantify how good a summer is by using strange factors like how many pieces of corn on the cob or watermelon you eat or by the tan lines on your feet from wearing your sandals a lot.

I've been hiking a couple times thus far. That's good. I FINALLY bought a barbecue. An actual barbecue as opposed to a fictitious or hypothetical barbecue that I am so fond of mentioning to people. So when I invite you over for a barbecue I really mean it.

But this summer I've been playing hacky-sack with my wife's brothers. I'd forgotten how fun it is. It is a sincere and humbling pasttime. If you don't look retarded while your playing hacky sack then you aren't really trying. Look at this picture my wife took:

I can't believe I let that one get by me. I believe I've got a hacky sack lying around somewhere but that wasn't good enough so I went and bought a brand new one last night. They are cheap, they give you a work out and they are every bit as fun as a Sony PSP. HACKY SACK! They're not just for Natural Resource majors. It's a classic game of skill and inventiveness that will never be an Olympic event.

Highly recommended to all.


Inside Stories said...

Summer's not warm here this week. It snowed on the mountain last night and it is cold and rainy in town. :0(

Dr.Psycho said...

Hey, the favorite pastime of recovering addicts at Foothill Treatment Center... :)