Tuesday, January 29, 2008

You Want The Truth? You Can't Handle The Truth! Forget About It, It's Chinatown!

Valentine's Day is just about here and that means that it's time to talk about people getting dumber, being left in the dark and aliens.

Here's a PBS bit about how just about every kid in the country used to own a chemistry set (with ACTUAL chemicals) and how things have changed nowadays. Chemists have evolved from nerds to outright clowns:

The guy they interview, Bob Lazar, is credited by many to be the guy who brought the infamous Area 51 to public attention. He worked as a physicist at Area 51 doing research (reverse engineering?) on an alien space craft. It's pretty interesting how he describes the spaceship moving by creating a gravitational field ahead of itself. In this radio interview he also mentions how he and John Leer, of the family that created the Leer Jet, would sneak around and watch the alien crafts being tested. I've also heard a rumor that Bob Lazar has successfully modified the everyday cars that you and I drive to run on and CLEANLY PRODUCE THEIR OWN hydrogen.

But, then again, maybe even thinking for a second that any of this sounds reasonable just means we're all crazy nerds. Or Clowns.

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