Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sweeping The Clouds Away

Today's book review is on "It's Not Easy Being Big".

It's a book about how you bump your head and you can't hide and your just kind of a big freak and how it's not easy being big. They also do the reverse about how "it's not easy being small" for Elmo. How he can't see over people, he can't jump across a stream, he can't reach stuff on the playground and so forth.

The moral of the story: Nobody, big or small, is safe from the frustrating annoyances that make life so disappointing. Deal with it or at least take pleasure knowing that everybody else has it as hard as you, too.

I like this book and recommend it to all.

This book review was brought to you by the letters "k" and "w" because it doesn't take a genius to figure out that they make more sense than "q" and "u." And by the number "π" (pi) for being even more confusing than "q" and "u."

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