Thursday, January 31, 2008

Deep Into The Darkness Peering

I know a guy who likes to write and is working on a novel about an old man who works in an orchard until some buggy aliens come through the universe, destroying everything and everyone.

He said, "And it doesn't have a happy ending. Everyone dies."

I said, "Yeah. But I think you should focus on making it seems like there's hope throughout the story UNTIL you kill everyone off at the end so it has a stronger impact. You're focused on having everyone die but I think there's room for a lot more misery in this story than just that."

Because I like doing my part.

To make things better?


Native Minnow said...

Wow, what's going on with you? Suddenly we're getting posts every day, and sometimes even more than one? How fortunate are we?

Dee Ice Hole said...

Yeah what are you doing? Trying to make things better???