Sunday, October 28, 2007

Non-consensual Tickling II

I found out that my blog gets A LOT of traffic from people who are searching for "nonconsensual tickling." I almost feel like I owe these people something, so I've been trying to think of a follow up post.

I told my wife about this and she can't fathom the appeal of this fetish. Mostly because she really, really, really hates to be tickled. She says, "What I want to know is: What tickling has ever been consensual? Have you ever seen anyone going around to their friends asking Would you tickle me please? Could you tickle me? People don't do that. Therefore, ALL TICKLING is NONconsensual tickling."

But I set out to find an entertaining tickling video and it turns out that they are all pretty boring. I DID find this video that suggests that living things actually DO crave being tickled:

When my wife finished watching this video she curtly said, "That man has wasted his life." And then she walked away. I think the bottom line is still that people enjoy seeing other people without their clothes on. I guess there is also a Lite-Version-of-S&M appeal to the tickling thing.

And it turns out that all of the people in the tickling videos I saw weren't very surprised that they were about to be tickled and they start smiling and laughing before they are even touched. How is that Nonconsensual?

But I'm probably missing the point because I also don't understand why people like dirty socks or wearing adult diapers for recreation. The fetishes we have in our household are pretty boring too:

Wearing ragged clothing
Eating foods from the frozen food section
Chronic fatigue
Pretending like it's all normal

These things don't get us aroused but we still seem to do them habitually.

This video is still cooler than all the tickling stuff:

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Wow...I'd hate to have to vacuum that would take a lot of vacuum bags--and those are expensive.