Monday, September 24, 2007

Some terrific radiant humble thing-a-ma-jig of a pig

The latest thing I have been doing to drive my wife to her wits end:

Talking like Templeton the rat from Charlotte's Web

My favorite line to quote is: "It says crunchy."

I think it mostly annoys her because she thinks my impersonation is lousy. But I think it's

Double E
Double R
Double I
Double F
Double I
Double C, C, C


Megs said...

I can well imagine your wife being annoyed by your talking like Templeton.

Anonymous said...

hey, if you can talk like templeton, you can also do uncle albert from bewitched. you're building a handy skill set there.


Kris said...

My heart goes out to your wife.

Kris said...

The last time my heart had that pang of sympathy was when I was online looking at the orphaned children in Africa...
Just sayin....