Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Static on the Radio

A little while ago I was working with one of the mofos. He made an art of not working. His favorite thing to do when he is not working is to listen to police scanners, and while he was busy not working with me he wanted to drive around and ask every mofo in the place if they had any old police scanners they would give him.

Every time he asked someone they would usually throw him a strange look, to which I would say, "Homeboy's on the run and he needs to stay a step ahead of the fuzz." He spent most of the night telling me how fun it is to listen to people. In addition to police and military frequencies, he says he also likes to listen to cell phone and wireless phone calls. He says he even hears baby monitors occassionally.

Mostly he hears about fights and car crashes but he was laughing about a careless lady who was talking to a gentleman about dropping a check off at her house. She verified her address so he would know where to leave the money. She told him where she hid the spare key to her house. She told him the dogs were with the neighbors and that the neighbors wouldn't be home until later in the evening. He laughed that he could rob the lady blind if robbing didn't sound like so much work, which he wasn't willing to do.

So this is just a public service announcement in regard to conversations you may be broadcasting into the air: THE MOFOS ARE LISTENING.


Alpha said...

And in DJ, one time we heard the town slut and the one of the town's fish and game guy on the hand held scanner. Ew.

PsychoIntern said...

Was it Dam Vista??? She was a hot town slut in a slutty sort of way...