Monday, May 07, 2007

Cow Country Visual Aides

I could never have survived school at any point in my life without passing the majority of class time writing stories and drawing pictures. I have oodles of old notebooks full of nonsense stories and doodling but here is one that cracks me up. It's a two part story that Nativeminnow and I collaborated on:

Speaking of zits, I had a doozy the other day. My wife wanted to go to the store and she was giving me the bums rush, "Are you ready? Can we go now?"

And I said, "I'm ready except I just picked this zit and now it's bleeding all over and it won't stop. I think I tapped into an artery or something. I'm going to need some orange juice and a cookie when this is over."

My wife looked at the bleeding zit and said, "It might need stitches."

***Uh oh. I think Part I of the story was too big and didn't load. That's alright. Part II is the exciting climax of the story and hints at a lot of the stuff that happened in part I.


Native Minnow said...

I'm pretty sure this is why I love it when my students write weird stuff on things they turn in. It takes me back.

I can't remember how the collaboration worked on this particular story. It looks like we each took turn writing sentences, and trying to "out-random" each other. Does that sound about right?

PsychoIntern said...

Wow...strange story, but I always loved your stories... :)

flieswithoutwings said...

I think that the profound meaning of this story is that you should make peace with your blemishes and that for every evil toe in the world there is a nice kid with toenail clippers growing out of his head.