Monday, May 21, 2007

Could you wanna take my picture?

Yes, I've been busy doing ultra-cool things like staining the bannister to our stairway and planting flowers in the yard. Try not to be too jealous, but today I was looking for a copy of our tax return and as I was digging through our old papers I found my old photography portfolio. After looking through the pix I thought I should extend my gratitude to S. Sculpin for his dedication as model. Most of the pictures I took were of myself but this is only because it is hard to find volunteers. Other models of note were Sandskier and The Pumpkin Queen.

Here are some of Sculpin:

"A Visit From The Incapacitoid"

Here is one showcasing the many moods of his many toes.

Everything is better with fire.

And here is a memorable series of S. Skier.

Since it is hard to tell in the pictures, I will point out that Sam uses his pointer-finger to pick his nose and proceeds to suck on his middle-finger.

The very fist picture I turned in for this class caught the attention of one of the instructors. He asked me if he could use it in a series he was working on. Later I found out he entered the picture in the student art show and it won first place. He was also trying to sell the picture for $700. He said he would give me some of the money if it sold. I guess it never sold.

I told that story to my brother-in-law and he said, "So YOU didn't win the art show, the other guy did."

I corrected him, "MY artistic ability won the art show. And that's what counts." Right?


slimysculpin said...

Those don't look like my feet. Not enough pustules. I haven't had an outbreak of that foot rot since I lived with you guys. You must have been a reservoir of disease.

A photo feature on your blog is the best thing to happen to me since last week (self-call alert) when I breezed through (or scraped by, depending on who you ask) my dissertation defense. That's right, I'm Dr. Slimy, PhD.

flieswithoutwings said...

Congratulations, Doctor Slimy. Does this mean the rivers are overflowing with Atlantic Salmon on the east coast?

When you get a PhD what goal do you aim for next? Schmoozing for funding?

slimysculpin said...

You can keep track of the progress here:

In case you're too lazy to click, adult salmon returns so far this year have reached the grand total of 6. Hopefully things pick up soon.

flieswithoutwings said...

That's not a clickable link. Viewing the page requires a whole "cut-and-paste."

That's not a lot of salmon but lamprey numbers are up there. The guys on the reservation call those "eels." They snag them out of the river and throw them on the BBQ. Then they put them in hot dog buns and tell me I'm not really "Indian" because I'm not into scarfing down their Oscar Mayer Lampreys.

shebamtnwoman said...

Indian eels are good. Where did I let you down?