Monday, February 26, 2007

4 I'd Pidgin

The other night at work, that movie-going 18-year-old named Jaren showed me a picture on his cell phone. It was a picture of the dashboard of his car.

He said, "Check out the mileage."

The mileage was 1337. I said, "You've had that car about two months, that's pretty low."

He said, "Yeah, but it says Leet."

I asked, "What does?"

He said, "The mileage says 'leet' in Leet. 1337. I thought it was funny."

I asked, "What is Leet?"

He said, "It's just a language you use on the internet. Like when you use numbers to spell words."

I said, "Like when you spell HELLO or BOOBLESS on a calculator?"

He said, "Kind of, but not really."

I said, "SHOULD I know what Leet is?"

He said, "Probably not. I think it just means I spend too much time playing online video games."

It's tough to keep on the edge, even if you just want to be a nerd. Besides, World of Warcraft can suck it. A true nerd would never say that.

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