Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Shed a Little Love

Here is the shed I built the other week. Isn't it splendid?

I didn't have a plan. I made it up out of my head as I went. The idea was to make as few cuts as possible. That is why it is so tall. I thought I could build it in less than two days. I almost did but then I started working again at the furniture warehouse (25 hours in two shifts, even) so it ended up taking a week. The shingles were the time consuming part. I was worried during construction because the whole thing was pretty wobbly but it came together very strong. Minnow helped me lift the plywood on to the roof and he referred to it as "The tougher than Tuff-shed." I know it was several thousand dollars cheaper than Tuffshed.

My whole life, my granpa was known for saying things like, "Oh, hah; I s'pose; and If I build it, I will walk on it." I've decided to carry on that tradition.

We have enough room in our house for regular living but not for any of the things that I like. My stuff is what clutters our living room. So I built the shed and that's where MY stuff will go. Bikes, boards, books, music stuff. It isn't insulated yet but give me time. I will also add electricity.

What you see is Phase 1. Phase 2 involves building a greenhouse on the backside. For those of you worried about appearances, I will also soon add trim to the front and finish adding a metal drip-edge around the entire roof. Once that is done it will look good and I am confident that you will all want to make out with me.


Native Minnow said...

Who says that we don't already want to make out with you?

Oh yeah, nice shed. Maybe I can sleep in it the next time I'm in town.

ShootingStar said...

Hey minnow he said make out with him don't get carried away with the "sleep" part.

ShootingStar said...

When I teach writing sometimes I say "writing is a craft (imagine my voice getting all dreamy and teachery), it's like woodworking. You can't just look at a birdhouse or watch someone build a birdhouse and then expect to be and expert. You have to BUILD one--maybe a few crappy ones and then you learn to make a good one. Writing is the same way. You have to do it to be good at it."

Maybe now when my students build essays, I can say "if you build it walk on it!"

Kristen said...

And I am totally jealous. I wish MY husband had a cool little shed that I could do away with all of his stuff. I don't see this as your shed. I think this is the shed that you built because you love your wife. But just in case, you might want to heat it...
A guy can always use a dog house to retreat to in time of need.