Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hijacking Halloween

Community. Identity. Stability.

I see news articles saying that Halloween is quickly becoming almost as much of a spending spree as Christmas. I think it all boils down to suburbanites being bored and restless and all-too-eager to get into the holiday spirit. ANY holiday, just let us decorate and be festive! We need. We need.

I get annoyed with all of these pre-planned, over-organized Halloween get-togethers. Like where you pay a few bucks and your kids trick-or-treat in the nice warm shopping mall or expo-center at designated hours. Nobody gets dirty. Everyone gets the same amount of candy. And I especially get annoyed with the Mormon Trunk-or-Treating where mormons get together in a parking lot and let their kids do their trick-or-treating there.

It's exclusive. Non-mormon kids can't get mormon candy? We can't let our kids be spontaneous? We can't let them explore the neighborhood? We can't let them get a little chilly? Why must we spoil the whole thing with some over-formal, over-controlled micro-trick-or-treating experience.

I have candy. Come and get it from me. It's free. Knocking on strangers doors will help get you ready for your mission. We can't live in fear. Meeting people is easy.

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