Friday, July 07, 2006

You Snooze You Lose, Well I Have Snost and Lost

Just an update:

We made an unofficial offer on that house in Saratoga Springs, which the seller accepted. When we put it in writing the next day, the house had already been sold for $10K more than our bid. We've got things in the works to get another house here in our current neighborhood.

As I guessed, the car accident I was in almost cost me my job. I missed one day of work due to diarrhea and received another two "occurrences" for the accident. That is enough for termination as a temporary hire. Rumors were flying around my workplace that I was no longer employed. They were started by my back-up boss (the coordinator who was disappointed that I wasn't poverty stricken rez fodder).

My real boss came to me and told me the company would make an exception to their own crappy rules and let me stay on. He said it was the fault of an inexperienced coordinator. Other employees laughed and even were upset by the threat that I may be fired as it would mean they would have to work the extra hours not covered by myself. Anyway, my boss made me sign a paper saying we had talked about it and made it clear that if I am even late one more time this month then my employment will still be terminated. I tried to laugh it off by saying, "I'll try really hard not to get into any more car accidents." He nodded like it was a really good idea.

Push out the jive. Bring in the love.

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I hate bureacracy...