Monday, May 22, 2006

Hanging Chad

I told you about the guy from work named Chad. He is the one I've been seeing about starting a band with. He's been calling a lot lately wanting to get together but I'm never around when he does.

My wife said, "There are a few messages on the answering machine from Chad from the furniture store. One of them is normal and the other one, he sounds like a nervous telemarketer wanting to know why you quit and how the job could have been better."

I laughed and said, "I can see Chad doing that."

And Chad called again yesterday, regarding "jamming." So this morning, my wife said, "Chad is on the phone... from the furniture store." And she pointed at the message she took yesterday: "Chad. Jam."

I answered the phone.

Him: "Hi, Emmett? This is Chad from the furniture store. I am doing a survey of employees that have recently quit and wanted to know if there were any particular reasons why you left."

Me: "Is this multiple choice? Mark me down for: It sucked ass."

Him: "What? No, it's not multiple choice. Just any reason you can think of."

Me: "Is this Chad? C'mon. Stop messing around. What have you been doing lately?"

Him: "Yes, it's Chad. I've just been working."

Me: "Me too."

Him: "So why did you leave the company?"

Me: "Um. The benefits were too expensive."

Him: "Okay. Well, that concludes my survey. Thank you."

TWO CHADS? Calling at the same time from the same company for completely different purposes? I thought there was no such thing as coincidence. Oh well.

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Native Minnow said...

"It sucked ass" should have been good enough. Of course, it probably wasn't on his sheet of acceptable answers. Not multiple choice my ass. Those things are always multiple choice. And the choices are usually something that management already knows about, but doesn't want to fix.