Saturday, March 04, 2006

Dancing Queen

While our daughter is in her dance classes, parents have the option to leave or to wait in the lobby with the other parents. On the first day of dance classes we chatted a little bit with some of the other moms. One mom said that this was her daughter's second year in dance classes but she had almost chosen not to enrolled her again, "you know... because of the neighborhood," she said.

Our neighborhood is not the fanciest neighborhood but we have found nothing to be scared of here. It actually seems a bit more alive than most neighborhoods. But we assumed she must know something about the neighborhood we didn't and we didn't make an issue of it.

We don't stay during the classes. My wife goes to pick up our daughter a few minutes before class ends. When she walks in, she is constantly overhearing that same mother regaling the other mothers with personal stories built around statements such as "These are the drugs I will never do again and here is why..." or "I don't think that it is okay to sleep around, it's just that I've really liked all the guys I've been with..." (What choice did she have?).

When my wife finishes telling me each weeks developments, I tease her, "Way to direct your husband to the girl who 'just can't help herself.'" But given the girl's sordid past, I wonder what type of people in our neighborhood this druggie slut is worried about to the point she would deny her daughter dance classes. The type who know about the skeletons in her closet?

I know this is gossip but it's not like I'm naming names here. I don't really think of her as a druggie or a slut, I just use this as an example of how I think people are funny. Funny in a "laughing at you" kind of way. Rock on.


Gordon said...

Because of the neighborhood? In Sandy, Utah? That lady needs to live in Baltimore or Compton for a while. She'll beg to walk around Sandy.

PsychoIntern said...

Sounds like her skeletons are out on the front porch... :)

Native Minnow said...

Wait a minute. You have a druggie slut in your neighborhood and you haven't told me about her before? I thought you were my friend ;-)