Saturday, February 04, 2006

Deleted Scenes

I thought that once shows like Fear Factor and CSI started showing bikini-babes eating animal genitalia and ultra-graphic autopsies that we had reached a point of "anything goes" on TV. But the other night I was watching "Simpsons" reruns and told my wife to hurry into the room to see "Moe the Bartender" teach a class on "Funk Dancing for Self-Defense." It's one of the funniest scenes of all time.

Moe says, "Alright folks, here's the 411. Say some gangsta is dissin' your flygirl. You just give him one of these..." Then he cranks a the music on his ghetto blaster and busts some intense funk moves. He does a backflip and then whips out a shotgun, pumping three blasts towards his class. It's hilarious.

I've seen it several times on DVD. But when that episode aired on TV the scene had been removed. I guess it could have been the studio that cut the scene... for violence? It actually seems tame by today's standards. Or possibly they cut it to fit in more commercials but whatever the reason... it's a shame the world can't get it over the airwaves.

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