Tuesday, January 03, 2006

For Those of Y'all Who Like Trainwrecks

Some of you already know this (but for the rest), I started writing a novel about a warped future (or a not so warped present)a little over a year ago. I started writing those short stories I posted to start a little portfolio and as a step toward meeting a helpful agent to publish the novel.

My wife wanted to help me by finding a service (authorhouse.com) that will publish any book that you are willing to cut them a check for. I checked out the publisher and perused some the material they sell. In honesty, I can't say that I would be very proud to have my writing fall in with that company.

There was one "writer" who caught my eye. Sierra Silverstar with her novel "Cats in a Dog's World." If you check it out, everything about her and her book is so striking that you just can't look away
Her book is about a world of cat-people which is conquered by a race of dog-people. Here is the opening:

An Orange tabby cat goes to the nearest phone and dials a number on it. “Sir, this is Romad Mouser, from the 107th mechanics training battalion in Maxine Eastern Torico, we are being attacked”. There is a short silence as there is deafening explosion coming from within meters of their building. “I can’t talk long; we’re being bombed by someone”. There is another short pause. “No I don’t know who they are” the tiger cat looks out the window and sees some kind of disk-shaped aircraft flying past their building at great speeds.

There is also a love story:

Before I know what happened I felt warm lips on the inside of my paw. Words cannot describe the feelings I felt as he kissed my paw. While I had a sweetheart at home, nothing and I mean nothing we did ever felt this warm, this comforting. Even though I was out in the middle of a labor camp, surrounded by those who would rather hurt me then protect me, I felt safer then I ever did before in my life. Nothing could harm me while he was holding me, and for a few moments, I felt free and happy. All too soon he let go of my paw again and looks at me longingly, a tear forming in his eye. I could tell he is for real, as it looked like this was tearing his heart apart, torturing his days worse then the nightmares of the invasion tortured my nights.

I think the work speaks for itself. I find it highly entertaining, but even more captivating is the autor's life story: She says she's from Germany, a writer since highschool (the "Cats" book representing 10 years of effort), who came to America as a teenager. She claims she is allergic to "cold" in all forms (even ice cream) and this condition has made her employment situation very difficult. So she moved to the south and now sells Avon and does exotic dancing (the link is safe enough, click it).

You should really find out more about the book. If I could get a paper copy for $5 I would do it in a heartbeat. Support the arts.


Gordon said...

My god, I haven't read that for a while.

"I could tell he is for real,"

Real artists aren't bound by repressive ideas like "tense"

PsychoIntern said...

I bet she'll make as much money off her book as she does at exotic dancing... :)


Anonymous said...

And to think, she started the book while working at a WaWa deli counter in New Jersey...

Actually, wait, that's pretty much what you'd expect with that level of writing.