Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Tragic: The Blathering

I've recently decided to create my own "reality-based" Pokemon/Magic: The Gathering -type card game. I'm spending about 10 minutes per picture in the "paint" program so don't expect renaissance material here.

This first character, I will dub "Yeah-Boy!"

His maximum hit-points directly correlate to his father's credit limit; pretty high.

His catch-phrase is: "Where da party at?"
He is comfortable wearing pink because fashion gurus have convinced him it's "IN."
He will always back down from a fight and yet is invincible as he is bound to evolve into "Corporate Yes-Man," raking in six figures at a "friend-of-the-family" business.

1 comment:

Native Minnow said...

Hey, if this takes off and gets anywhere as big as Pokemon, you won't need to worry about continuing your job search! Which would you rather pursue, this or working at the fire extinguisher warehouse?