Tuesday, November 22, 2005

J.Crew's Alternate Universe

This is J.Crew's Deerskin "Trapper" with coyote trim. At $525 a piece and winter weather expected to traipes in sometime in the near future, they are bound to sell out fast. J. Crew may have their finger on the pulse of woman's fashion, however, for the men, their wares are not up to snuff.

First, I will start by letting the cat out of the bag to the J. Crew executives: Your designers are only PRETENDING to be gay. The proof is in the bad color schemes, the "toggle" fasteners on the coats, the whole "use an ugly tie as a belt idea." Beyond that, you can't pitch to your market the idea of "I don't care how I look as long as I'm comfortable" and then expect guys to pay over $20 for a t-shirt. J. Crew's pre-ripped jeans sell for $130. I could get them for half that at the mall assuming I had any problem ruining my jeans by myself. I find $2 shirts at Old Navy all the time.

On the positive side: I do enjoy drawing on the models in the J. Crew catalog with a ball point pen. Also, my mother bought me a sweater from a J. Crew outlet store just north of Denver. My wife and I went to a hamburger place and some lady made a B-line across the diner. Without regard for my wife hanging on my arm, she grabs the other and says "Oh, my gosh! Is that the J. Crew roll-neck sweater? It is SO refreshing to see a guy who knows how to dress!" I won't say it wasn't totally creepy, but that WAS the first and only time that has ever happened to me. Get it together, J. Crew.

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