Thursday, September 17, 2009

Once Every Hundred Thousand Years Or So When The Sun Doth Shine And The Moon Doth Glow And The Grass Doth Grow

The only reason I look forward to the end of summer is that it means that I can stop mowing the lawn. I'm usually so busy that I only get around to it every other weekend but I must admit it looks a million times better right after it's been cut.

But it's good because when I mow the lawn I also pick up any garbage that's blown into our yard and pick up pine cones and put bikes away and pick a few weeds. It's weird because I'm very concerned by which pattern I will choose to use each time. Will I mow in lines parallel to the street? Perpendicular to the street? The ever impressive diagonal? And whichever pattern I choose, I am very careful to keep up the same pattern in the backyard just in case someone looks down at our house from a traffic or military helicopter. It's important for the yards to match.

We have a lot of fruit trees which are a pain and a blessing. We have tasty plums, pears, grapes, peaches and cherries but most of them end up on the ground. It makes a disgusting mess if you try to rake up mushy fruit. I usually just plow through the fruit, leaving fruit guts all over the mower and a nice fruity smell in the air.

So I think it makes a big difference in the appearance of our house but I never weedwack or edge the lawn. Because people who do that have some sort of nuerological disorder. Or at least that's the excuse I use to avoid doing the work.

So if you are planning to visit you should do it today or tomorrow. Otherwise, you will need to wait two weeks.

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The Chase Files said...

You get to smell the yummy fruity smell, but after a day or two is smells like rotten wine, and it's plastered to the grass.