Sunday, May 03, 2009

Tell Your Children Not To Walk My Way

About this time last year, my wife hung a windchime in front of our house. Within a week or so it had disappeared. Last Christmas, I bought my wife some copper-looking sun and moon lights to put in the ground along the walkway to our front door.

When I got home the other day I realized that someone had stolen all of the moon ornaments. One moon was left behind because the thief broke it as they tried to pull it out of the ground. The suns were untouched. My wife hung a new windchime in front of our house and I checked to see if it had been stolen, too. It's still hanging there.

I told my wife about the theft and before I could say it, she said, "I think some punk kid in our neighborhood is coming over every spring to steal his mom a Mother's Day present from our yard."

I said, "That's exactly what I was thinking. They didn't steal the new windchime because that's what mom got last year."

After Mother's Day, we're going to cruise around the neighborhood and see if we can find our moons in someone's yard.


Amber said...

that sucks - stupid punk kids!

The Chase Files said...

They were my Valentines gift Em.

PsychDoctor said...

Lame kids...