Saturday, January 03, 2009

Yes I Love Technology But Not As Much As You, You See

The holidays have come and gone so I figured it was time I did a post about my holidays.

Here is an actual conversation I had regarding New Years Eve:

Mofo: "Emmett, how was your New Years Eve?"

Me: "I was home with my wife and kids and I fell asleep on the couch. Then my wife woke me up and yelled, It's midnight! Happy New Year! and then I fell asleep again. Pretty cool."

It seems like I had a list of things that I learned during 2008 that I was going to talk about but I must have misplaced that list at the moment. Maybe I'll remember later.

My wife and I did see the movie "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" and here is my review of the that movie:

It's pretty much like Forrest Gump except the music isn't as good and everybody dies. It isn't a timeless movie. In fact, the movie beats you over the head with the notion that life is short, love is unsatisfying and bad things happen constantly.

Also, when you go to see this movie you will be surprised that so many people are in the theater on a Tuesday night and the girl next to you will take off her shoes and put her sweaty toe-jam feet in front of you. She also has a big cup of salt that she dumps on her popcorn so be careful not to mistake the cup as your drink because she's going to keep it in your common cupholder.

I got some cool toys for Christmas. I was happy about it. And it seems like I've seen a lot of my family lately, so thanks to them. I do have some video of Olivia and I doing a musical number in front of a fireplace in a mountain retreat and also a video of Ethan, who got up in front of my wife's extended family to do an impromptu rendition of "Disturbed's" song "Down With The Sickness" directly after my wife's aunt gave a long talk about her trip to Tibet and showed us prayer flags and rattles and stressed the importance of man's worldwide desire to communicate with God ("I want you to think about that," she said), but tonight I wanted to write instead of messing around with computer crap so you will have to wait for the videos, too.

My favorite Christmas moment of 2008 is probably when my wife was in the bathroom and I was wasting time before we went to sleep and there was some cheesy christmas movie on TV starring "Slater" (from Save By The Bell) and Melissa Joan Hart. In the movie, Melissa Joan Hart feels like a loser so she kidnaps Slater so she can show her parents that she has the perfect boyfriend and is therefore, not a loser. And at the end of the movie he decides that he doesn't mind being kidnapped and he dumps his rich, pretty fiance to spend his life with the crazy girl. Just like you'd expect to happen in real life.

Anyway, I was killing time and my wife came in the room and she said, "PLEASE... tell me that I'm prettier than Melissa Joan Hart. You don't have to say I'm prettier than anyone else... just Melissa Joan Hart, because frankly, I don't know what anyone sees in her."

I said, "No problem. You are way prettier than Melissa Joan Hart. Now you tell me that I'm better-looking than Slater."

She said, "You are better-looking than Slater."

I said, "I don't actually care if I'm better-looking than Slater, I just wanted to see if you would lie to me about it."

She said, "Well, there aren't many people in the world that are cuter than Slater."

Merry Christmas to all.


Epitome of Sweetness said...

Slater is pretty dang cute. Melissa Joan Hart was cuter when she was younger she justy didn't age well...kinda like me

PsychDoctor said...

Hart is ugly. Slater is not.