Saturday, July 19, 2008

I asked them to check the medicine cabinet cuz for some reason I leave it there sometimes

I was talking to The Angry Loner at work. He likes to keep his car really clean. Another habit he has is to only pay with $10 or $20 bills and he throws all of the $1's into a pile in his car. He's young and lives with his parents so he has a lot of disposable income. So he cleaned out his car and showed me a wad of about 50 $1 bills.

I said, "Does this mean you'll be going to the strip club soon?"

Another guy overheard us talking and said, "Hey! That will be a good place for you to try out your new pick up line on the ladies."

I said, "What's his new pick up line?"

If you know The Angry Loner, you will know that he thinks girls are trouble and he stays away from them. If you ask him why he doesn't chase after girls he'll give you some excuse about how they'll probably give him a venereal disease.

The other guy revealed the new pickup line, "Hey baby! Is my dick gonna fall off in the morning if we hook up? No? Hi, my name is The Angry Loner..."

I said, "I suppose there is something refreshingly direct about it."

This line has yet to be tested. Use it at your own risk. It has not been clinically proven to protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

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