Thursday, January 17, 2008

Do You Think Einstein Went Around Thinking We Were All A Bunch Of Dumbasses And That's Why He Built That Bomb?

There is a smiley guy at work and I've lost all faith in him because one day me and the fellas were talking about anger and he kept saying, "I'm a NICE GUY. I don't get mad. I'm a nice guy."

I know that he works two jobs to afford the payment on his brand new Nissan Z and I said, "What if somebody keyed your car?"

He said, "I wouldn't get mad. I'm a NICE GUY."

I said, "You're a liar."

Anyway, I was working with Zack-Morris-With-a-Lobotomy the other day. The Nice Guy knows that Zack is over-the-edge-religious so he came driving up on a bumper car and said, "Hey, Zack! Is innocence beauty?"

Zack took a guess, "Yes?"

I fired back, "Is ignorance bliss?"

The Nice Guy smiled at me and responded like the great So-crates, "Is it?"

I said, "I wouldn't know." And I drove away.

I fully expect to have stupid conversations while I'm at work, but lately it seems things have gone down a dark path. There's no reason to drag philosophy down with us.

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