Sunday, October 21, 2007

She'll show you a good time Then she'll show you the door

Halloween is an awesome holiday. We've got little kids and we live in a neighborhood of old fogies so we figured we'd better make an effort to set the standard on decorating.

We are usually poor and usually short on time so our decorations aren't the best but we wanted to give it our best shot. We put some leaves and a cheap wreath on the door and some pumpkins and spiderwebs on the stoop. We've also got a bunch of ghosts and pumpkin lights around but they aren't in the picture. And of course, we're still rocking the pirate flag.

I've got the hookup on paint being as my wife is from a family of painters. I painted our front door with some really expensive paint that I got for free. During the summer we were painting for a lady who was only fixing up her house for the purpose of selling it.

It seemed that her biggest priority was to have a black door. It must be dark. It's an East Coast thing. IT'S VERY EAST COAST! It was important to have an East Coast door or the house would never sell or something. I don't know. I don't understand.

My door is kind of a blackish, brownish, purplish, greenish door. It's good paint. But something tells me that nobody on the East Coast gives a crap.

Happy Halloween!

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Anonymous said...

I live in NH. My door is white.