Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm Just an Average Joe with an Average Job

Lastnight we had a meeting at work with the mofos. Three crews of mofos shuffled into the room and quietly took their seats. They can't stay quiet for long though. One of the mofos, aptly called Bubblehead, decided to get on somebody's case just cause he could.

He yelled a derogatory comment to Morgan. But there are two black guys on our crew who are both named Morgan. So Morgan said, "Are you talking to me or to the other Morgan?"

Bubblehead said, "To you. Why would yell at the other Morgan? He's never done anything to me."

Morgan said, "What did I do to you?"

Bubblehead said, "You parked in my parking space."

Morgan said, "Since when do we have assigned parking spots? I didn't see anyone's name on it."

I chimed in, "But didn't you see the 'handicapped' sign, Morgan?"

And a strange thing happened. ALL the mofos applauded. They applauded and shouted approval.

Bubblehead admitted defeat. He turned around in his chair with his fist pointed at me. He said, "That was pretty good, man."

I gave him a fist-pound. But I didn't apologize.

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It's good to be King
And have your own world