Sunday, September 16, 2007

Rose said, quote: My Time Has Come At Last

I realize that I talk a lot about music that probably isn't worth mentioning while all this time I've never mentioned one of my favorite bands.

They are called dEUS and they are from Belgium, I believe. They don't sell their records in America so they don't get any exposure on our side of the pond. But if you like good music please check them out. They have a variety of styles and they are kind of artsy so they are bound to have something you love. And hate. Give them a listen:

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Native Minnow said...

These guys are good. Thanks for introducing them to me. I was feeling a little guilty about only having burned stuff of theirs (I usually try to financially support the bands I like), but the fact that you can't buy it here in the US makes me feel slightly better about that.