Friday, August 31, 2007

We've got to move these refrigerators, we've got to move these color TVS

I move a lot of televisions at work and the pictures used by Samsung on their LCD televisions strike a nerve with me:

This is the main picture but there are others that go with it that show the rest of this ladies ultra-modern bedroom.

First off, why in the world would you spend thousands of dollars on a fancy television and then READ THE NEWSPAPER? Right next to the TV as if to rub the newsprint right in the TV's face? I guess the newspaper thing is to suggest that this lady is smart and on top of things.

While I'm driving around staring at this lady, I wonder what it would be like to hang out with her:

"What are you doing!"

"Uh, I was just setting my car kers on your nightstand here."

"Insolent bug! That isn't a nightstand... nor a bench nor a stool. It's art! And you can't just put your keys where ever you want. You are ruining the effect of the super-sterile and confusing environment I've created here."

"Oh, sorry. Can I eat one of these apples?"

"Noooooooo! Those are ornamental. If you want to eat, you'll have to go out in the hallway."

"Can I have my candybar back? I think you might be sitting on it."

"AAAAaaahhhhhhhh! This is my third pair of white pants destroyed by chocolate this week!"

I imagine something like that anyway and none of it makes me want to hang out with that lady nor buy a TV. But I do want to win peoples respect and if buying expensive crap is the only way to do it then so be it. I will take advantage of my work discount and get that $10,000 Sharp Aquous for the killer price of $6,900.

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