Monday, May 14, 2007

Wasting Away in Cow Country

A while ago I made a goal that my next post about "Cow Country" would finish off my sophomore year of high school and get us to summer time. But I think it is imperative that I demonstrate precisely how bored we were in school. Plus, this stuff cracks me up.

Don't let Minnow's comments fool you. We had a cast of recurring characters and themes we used in our doodles. Like this cuddly little character here called Executioner Bob:

We also had The-boy-who-had-toenail-clippers-growing-out-of-his-head, The-boy-who-had-salamis-for-arms (and his nemesis, Turbo Dog) and a game called "This is you" where we would draw really strange things and then proclaim, "This is you."

We also wrote stories that started with lines like "Once there was a six-year-old Justice of the Supreme Court named Rusty... who's best friend was a marionette named Po-po-po-po-po-po-pa." He drove around on a hotdog cart. Or a story about an ugly girl named Lueka who rode to the La Brea tar pits on a goat that eats children (She was ugly because the goat had attempted to eat her but failed).

In fact, I have a couple of pages of a "Monty Python"-style movie script we wrote about a hero named Shamooka and his loyal friends, Suchi, Buchi and Gaudabaloochi who were on a quest to save Princess Lueka from the Sinister Fenwick and his Brigade of Black-Hearted Munchkins.

We fully intended on making the movie during the summer if someone would have been crazy enough to lend us a camcorder. Here's a sample scene where Shamooka et al. are asking a man (called Wimp) who is the process of being strangled to death by a hangman's noose for directions:

Wimp: "Yes, now I remember. You go west."

Shamooka: "West?"

Wimp: Yes, west! Not north, not south, not east, not northeast, not southeast, nor northwest nor even southwest. Just west!

Shamooka: "Not even north-northwest?"

Wimp: "No! Go west until you reach a city. From there... go north for quite a ways."

Shamooka: "If we go north from there then why can't we just go north-northwest?"

Wimp: "Because you will surely perish..."

And of course they decide to travel north-northwest. It really sucks you in doesn't it? It's a shame the movie came to fruition.

We had to find humor in the simplest of things. It made me laugh when Minnow would come to class everyday with a corner of a paper dedicated to statements like "I hate Manila," and "I still hate Manila."


Native Minnow said...

It is a shame the movie never came to fruition. It would have been the Monte Python of the modern era.

Inside Stories said...

I'm pretty sure Minnow still hates Manila.

Native Minnow said...

I'm pretty sure I do too.