Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Talking too loud again

Me, talking to a coworker: "Even when we're the only ones here it still takes these guys 20 minutes to get us our food. They shouldn't be allowed to use the word 'Express' in their name. It would make a lot more sense to call this place 'Panda Eventually.'"

At that point the guy behind the counter broke into our conversation,
"I'll be with you guys in just a moment."

I said, "I think all of those years of playing the drums and guitars and loud music and warehouse work has affected my ears. I thought I was saying that quietly."

My wife and I took our kids to the park the other night. We have 3 kids but we ended up pushing 6 kids on the swings because the tiny strangers asked us so nicely ("I NEED A PUSH!" "PUSH ME" and "HIGHER!") and all of the other parents were busy lounging around on the picnic tables behind us not worrying about whether or not their kids could get the swings moving.

One of the kids told me, "I want you to push me high enough to kick those trees." I pushed him high enough to the point I could tell he would never kick the trees without putting himself in danger and I told him I wouldn't push him any higher. Then he yelled, "I believe I can fly!" and he jumped out of the swing and crumpled on the ground (it would have been funny if I hadn't already watched him do it 5 times before). Then while he was lying on the ground he turned to me and said, "You shouldn't have pushed me so high."

One of the kids told my wife, "My dad used to be a feef (thief) but now he's a good guy." Interesting and good to know.

I complained to my wife about the other parent's unwillingness to push their kids in the swings, probably a little too loudly, but a part of me thinks its good for them to hear. I went to the park to play with MY kids. I also told my wife, "... and I was going to say something to that kid about the way he was picking his nose and eating his boogers but I didn't want to crush his little spirit."

Sometimes I worry my soul is dead but moments where I'm courteous like that lead me to believe otherwise. But maybe not, because I was still thinking it. Booger-eater!

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PsychoIntern said...

I was at the slowest Wendy's in the world today...my daughter works there and they have to fill each order before taking the next order...strange. anyhow, couldn't stop thinking about "panda Eventually"... :) Thanks for the laughs...