Sunday, April 08, 2007

Broken Bough

I finished fixing the fence today. I won't go so far as to say that it looks good, but the sections of fence that I repaired now look just like the rest of the fence: like its been there for 40 years.

When we went outside today, we discovered the door to the rabbit cage was open and the bunny was gone. My money is on the punk ass kid. Hopefully, the fence will make a difference.

When I cut down that tree last year and pruned some huge branches off the rest of our trees to appease the insurance thugs I just threw all of the branches in a big pile beside our house. We found the bunny hiding in the stick pile. She has had a million chances to run free but she never goes far. This coming week is the city cleanup day so I spent the entire day chopping up sticks and stacking them along the curb. It was a lot of work and its a HUGE pile.

When I went out early this morning (early meaning about 9:30) I looked up at our peach tree and noticed that one of the prettiest branches on the tree is one of the broken ones. It makes me glad I haven't got around to cutting it off yet (You may be able to tell that the city already hacked up the tree to get it away from the power lines). It's a cool concept but it doesn't mean I think all of the branches on the tree should be broken.

We are going out of town for a week, so I may not be able to write for a while. Don't do anything fun until I get back.

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