Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm coming up only to show you wrong

We got to the reservation late Friday night and my brother and I went to the house of my deceased aunt to sleep. It's a nice house but it feels strange because the house is full of odds and ends that I haven't seen for about 25 years, like a suitcase-sized portable television that we took on a ski trip to Lake Tahoe when I was in kindergarten. I think my dad must have dropped off all of his stuff at my aunt's house when my parents got divorced so long ago. I fell asleep on the couch watching Cosby Show reruns with my brother.

I had mentioned to my father that I would like to wake up early and walk down to the river. He said that sounded like a good idea but when I showed up in the morning they said he had already been running on his treadmill and was in the shower. So I made Erika walk me down to the river so I could skip some rocks and wade around in the fast moving water.

My brother said he wanted to drive over to Salyer (which is the area where my mother grew up on her father's hillside) to get a different shirt to wear to the funeral. I told him I would like to go with him, just to take in the scenery. When we got to Willow Creek, where I attended elementary school, we looked around for my Uncle Philip (my mother's uncle) because he's always hanging around town and he's a funny guy. We saw his car but couldn't find him.

Then my brother asked me where I would like to be dropped off. I didn't want to be dropped off anywhere but he insisted. I will try not to betray my brother too much here, but if you knew all of the details of my brother's relationship with girls then you would know that, in comparison, Shakespeare didn't know the meaning of the word Drama. To give you a taste, there was the drug-dealing tweaker who broke his neck and he is currently involved in a custody battle for his son with a mean lesbian. He doesn't want the lesbian messing with him so he doesn't tell anyone the exact locations of where he keeps his stuff or sleeps on any given night. Not even me, his only brother. So I told him to drop me off where the rivers meet at the foot of the mountain where my mother was raised. It's the spot where the Indian city was destroyed and a lumber mill was erected. I walked around and took some pictures and he told me he'd be back to pick me up in a few minutes.

I also figured I would pay some homage to Bigfoot being as Willow Creek thinks of itself as the biggest Bigfoot capitol this side of Seskatchewan. I seriously took all of these pictures within a five minute period and they are just the tip of the iceberg.

(This first one is of the South Fork River pouring into the Trinity River which later pours into the Klamath River. They are all in a great hurry to get to the ocean.)

When you live in a place like this, it just becomes normal: There is a river and there is a river and there is all the bigfoot stuff. It makes sense at the time.

This one is known as the "Bigbird Bigfoot" he looks like he has feathers.

This one was carved by the tweaker-girlz father. When he wasn't cutting his own CD of folk music or farming illegal substances, he liked to fire up a chainsaw and make art. When I buy a chainsaw I will definitely make some sculptures.

Man oh man, is it taking me a long time to tell you about one day's worth of stuff. More later.


PsychoIntern said...

You should put a paypal button on your blog and we can all donate money so you can get a chainsaw... :)

your mother said...

Never mind about the chainsaw. Mark won't let you use it anyway until you have the proper training, which of course would have to be under his guidance. That's how Mark got me: he let me run his chainsaw. He hasn't let me ever since...Too dangerous. Mark never uses his chainsaw anymore. It sits safely in the garage. I liked the picture of 'Leldin (where the rivers come together).