Monday, February 05, 2007

Stone Throwing

It seems like I heard about a "moral" debate regarding a "breakthrough" HPV vaccine about a year ago and I thought it was so ridiculous that I figured the debate had been eradicated. But Texas is ontrack to have all school-aged girls vaccinated and now the debate is turning into a superbug.

The question seems to be: By vaccinating school-aged girls against genital warts (an STD) that commonly lead to cervical cancer are we telling them it is okay to have sex?

It's pretty much the same question as this: By vaccinating people against Polio are we telling them that it is okay to go to the park and eat dog turds (because that's a good way to get Polio if you haven't been vaccinated)?

And even further: When car manufacturers decide to build cars with a backseat, is that a thumbs up to premarital sex?

If you have a vaccine that can save lives, give it to people. To even debate the issue is to suggest that some small part of you believes that girls that have sex deserve to have terminal cancer. I know of a conservative, church-going-lady who was married in the mormon temple and a virgin on her wedding night who had HPV. Is that God's way of testing her or punishing her for some other short coming, just like He is doing with all of those other people who are in dying hospitals?


Native Minnow said...

The moral of this story: people are stupid.

Actually, that's pretty much the moral to all stories.

Anonymous said...

Yep, you can get HPV from other ways, like my wife got it from her slutty ex-husband and got cervical cancer from it. It makes sense to do the vaccinations

Alpha said...

I agree with you that if it saves lives you'd think that everyone would be happy. It's like people just want a reason to argue.